Papabubble Candy - Yummiest Handmade Candy!

Some of you already know what papabubble is. The yummiest handmade candy on the planet! Papabubble candy is originally from spain and have stores in barcelona, tokyo, nyc, london and many other cities!

If you fancy something sweet, there’s one place you have to visit in barcelona – papabubble. This shop in the heart of the gothic quarter sells handmade artisan candy with cool designs. You can get traditional hard candy, soft gummy bubblets, colourful lollipops, and more unusual things like candy rings, candy sushi, and candy flowers.

Although the brand is well-known around the world today (they have 32 shops), papabubble started right here in barcelona. Two australian candy makers had a successful business in melbourne, but they wanted to start over somewhere new. Their shop’s name comes from a nickname one of the owners got because he liked to blow bubbles in melting candy.

Papabubble sells about 30 flavours, some of which change depending on the season. They’ll even personalise your candy here with your favourite flavours, and they can add your name or logo as a design too. Even if you haven’t got a sweet tooth yourself, it’s quite fun to stop by and watch the candy being made in the shop.

Who is papabubble?

The story of papabubble’s beginnings is a fairy tale of sorts. Leaving behind successful careers in architecture and communications, dominik and marieken headed to barcelona in 2003 on what was intended to be a little break from reality. Quite unexpectedly they encountered the world of candy in the form of two australian friends who had opened the very first papabubble. Dominik and marieken had caught the candy bug. So much so that in 2005, with the blessing of the founders and buoyed along by having won the marie claire starters award in the previous year, they brought a long time dream to fruition and opened a papabubble candy store in amsterdam.

That dream endures to this day and it brings together candy-making and a unique working atmosphere that has a diverse mix of creative people completely devoted to making the perfect candy. A typical day at papabubble candy stores sees a fun mixture of languages, music and personal style combine with a fascination with art and sugar to lovingly produce the best sweets in the world.

With simple ingredients: sugar, water and glucose , they handcraft beautiful candy. Papabubble's workspace is in the store, so you can see just how our candy artists make these delicious, colourful creations. This usually happens from wednesday to saturday, but on other days there is still plenty to see and taste in the store.

Papabubble customised candy

From corporate branding with a company name or logo to celebrations such as a wedding or a birth announcement, papabubble make your unique candy with love. Their beautiful sweets can add a lovely aesthetic touch to your business dealings: a trade show giveaway; an accompaniment to a restaurant bill or hotel check-in; a treat shipped with an online order. These are but a few examples. Both the packaging and the candies themselves can be completely customised, making it a truly exclusive product.

The minimum order for a customised candy order is 6 or 10 kilos, depending on the design. If 6 kilos is too much, but you want to have something special, papabubble can still create a unique mix of sweets for you. From their assortment of stock they can make a mix incorporating letters: the name of your company or the initials of a wedding couple for example. Papabubble candy stock also includes hearts, fruits, various figures and symbols, which when added can make your mix even more distinctive.

Papabubble events & workshops

From adding something special to your event or fair to having your wedding candy made right in front of all your guests, papabubble candy artists are happy to make the best candy creations on site. It is a true spectacle with color, smell, taste and craftsmanship coming together.

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