People from Barcelona - Albert Espinosa

Some days ago, I saw Albert Espinosa and Eloy Azorín strolling around Gracia, my neighbourhood. I hope they are working on a new film! Eloy is probably the most gorgeous actor in Spain.

Albert Espinosa
Espinosa was born in Barcelona, Spain, on 5 November 1973. At the age of 14, he was diagnosed with cancer and spent the next ten years in and out of hospitals.[1] He lost a leg, a lung and part of his liver. Espinosa's memoir The Yellow World is an account of his battle with cancer.[2] At the age of 24, he left hospital to train as an industrial engineer at Technical School of Industrial Engineering in Barcelona (ETSEIB), part of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. It was at this time that he began to write screenplays and act in television series for Televisió de Catalunya.

The author of several screenplays and novels, he has also written and acted in plays and television series. He is also director, writer and stage actor in his theater company Pelones and a columnist for El Periódico de Catalunya.

His work has been described as combining the fantastic, tenderness and humour.[3] Espinosa's experiences of growing up in hospital have marked his creative work; "I always say that I have to live my life as well as those of my friends who did not beat cancer. I'm living 4.7 lives".

Albert is from Barcelona, he's an actor, screenwriter and film director. His films are fun, crazy and tender at the same time. This trailer features No me pidas que te bese, porque te besaré (Don’t ask me to kiss you, because I will), one of their latest films. Enjoy!

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