Interview with Kim Jordan

Kimberly Jordan was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. She graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, with a BA in Sociology and Dance. Before coming to Barcelona, she was a professional dancer and choreographer in Las Vegas while also working in one of the cities best music recording studios.

Kimberly Jordan
Currently, she is teaching dance classes in Barcelona with styles ranging from Street Jazz to Samba Reggae and Fusio to Hip Hop, while offering dance workshops from time to time. She also teaches English and has done some translation work for a few companies in Barcelona.

Following her degree in Sociology, she would like to start writing for an English newspaper or magazine her experiences as a foreigner living and working in Barcelona.

1. What’s the thing you like the most about Barcelona?
The accessibility to cultural events and happenings, not to mention the climate.

2. And the thing you like the least?
The inefficiency in the administrative and bureaucratic departments.

3. Do you miss anything from home?
Mostly my friends and family.

4. Can you recommend us an American film?
Traffic by Steven Soderbourgh.

5. Can you recommend us an American book?
The Omnivore´s Dilemma by Michael Pollack.

6. Can you recommend us an American music band?
This list is endless but some of my favorites include Sam Cooke, Jimi Hendrix, Pearl Jam and Outkast.
7. What’s your favourite spot in Barcelona?
I have yet to name it but I love discovering quaint, charming bars and restaurants throughout the city.

8. Do you do something here that you couldn’t possibly do at home?
Teaching dance classes until 10 pm does not happen where I live. The ability to travel so easily to the rest of Europe is also not an option. And living comfortably without a car and still being able to go anywhere in the city would be unimaginable in my hometown.

9. Is there anything you did back at home that you can’t possibly do now?
Have the option to eat whatever type of food I fancy. There aren´t too many international restaurants here.

10. Any tip for an American wishing to visit or settle down in Barcelona? And, any tip for a person from Barcelona wishing to visit or settle down in the United States?
Get a visa!!!!

If going to the US, be prepared for a complete change of day to day schedule. We don´t have dinner at 1030 pm :)

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